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      1. Celebrating 95 Years

        April 13, 2020

        A Moment in History

        In 1925, Holt Manufacturing Co. and C.L. Best Tractor Co. joined to better meet the needs of customers, building on each other’s strengths to deliver innovative products and form a world-class dealer network. What was needed then remains true today – our customers wanted to do more than just buy a product. They needed to establish an ongoing relationship with someone to help them get the job done. That old saying remains true – buy the iron, get the company.

        But our 95-year milestone is only one memorable moment in our history. Over the years, our products and services have helped with infrastructure projects that built and powered our modern world. Take a few minutes to celebrate our heritage and the amazing people who built this company one breakthrough at a time. Throughout history, our people continue to respond to challenges with one answer – let’s do the work!


        Today will eventually become the tomorrow we will one day reflect upon—just as we pause to celebrate our 95-year milestone and rich history of doing the work. It’s work that has provided customer solutions to help build a better world. To join in the celebration, check out our a new section highlighting some moments of major impact through the years!

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        Best 75 and Mountains Best 75 and Mountains

        95 Stories for Good

        As we celebrate 95 years in business, we want to show our appreciation to the people who are doing the work to help their communities. We want to help make sure their stories are heard and shared around the world. The doctors, nurses, truckers, stockers, technicians and so many others… the people who keep our world moving forward. You inspire us. Thank you.

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        truck with 95 truck with 95
        Are you Caterpillar Smart? Are you Caterpillar Smart?

        Are You Caterpillar Smart?

        We’ve got questions for you about our past.?How far back can you remember??

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        machines through the years machines through the years

        95 Years: A Testament to Our Incredible Global Team, Customers and Partners

        Few companies get the chance to celebrate their 95th anniversary. Today, we do – thanks to our employees, customers, communities, investors and fans throughout the years and across the globe. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we’re looking forward to many more years of working together to build a better world.?

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        brands brands

        Caterpillar is More than Meets the Eye

        If you really know Caterpillar, you know that our iconic yellow iron is just the tip of the iceberg!? We love blue, green and red, too.?

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